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Saturday 19th October 2019  

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X Grimsby People - Grimsby area N.E. Lincs.

  1. Alan Engledow - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyae.htm
    Lived in Grimsby until 1986 now living in the Auvergne in France like to hear from anyone who was at Whitgift school until 1982 submitted 16-01-01
  2. Allison Fields - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyaf1.htm
    I was born in Cleethorpes and lived in Grimsby all my life. I attended Great Coates Infant and Middle schools then later Whitgift Comp. I left Grimsby in 1989 and moved to Toronto, Canada I am interested in hearing from anyone who might remember me! submitted 01-01-01
  3. Andy Layton James - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteAndyLaytonJames.htm
    I was born in Grimsby and lived there many years with my aunt ex Mayor Sarah Woodliff. I have been a musician all my life and now turned pro .. submitted 24-08-01
  4. Ann Avison - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyaa.htm
    I'm Ann Avison and would love to hear from anyone who went to Edward Street Primary, Yarborough Primary and Hereford Comprehensive. Latterly from Yarborough Road Area. Please get in touch if anyone remembers me. submitted 03-12-00
  5. Annie Thorpe - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyat4.htm
    Annie Thorpe: Daughter of Elanor May Thorpe. I was born June 22, 1913 in Great Grimsby, England. Lived off of Railway Street. Looking to find people that may have same last name or now of anyone by this name. Moved to Canada in 1921. If you have any information please contact me submitted 24-12-00
  6. Barry Hillier - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitebarry_hiller.htm
    I am looking for old friends, went to Welholme boys school in 1950 -1954,
    an ex trawler man I left gy in 1964. I have now come back to live in Cleethorpes. submitted 04-02-01
  7. Bill Osborne - Thanx 4 a link Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteBillOsborne.htm
    Bill Osborne Now in Port Macquarie NSW Australia. Ex Nunsthorpe school. Ex Cleethorpes Ambulance. Now own The Electronicfishcake the Grimsby Town Football Club independent site. I would be pleased to hear from anyone Grimsby or ex Grimsby. submitted 02-09-01
  8. Bindu Mathew - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgybm.htm
    I went to Wintringham School from 1986-1988. I would like to get in touch with Helen Lavric, Mel Noble, Rachel Askwith and anyone else who remembers me. submitted 02-12-00
  9. Carol Leach - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitecl.htm
    Carol Leach nee Sanders looking for Edith Francis Sanders, Joseph Sanders, Charles Arthur Eckley, Froud lived in Laceby. submitted 05-02-00
  10. Charles Madsen - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteCharlesMadsen.htm
    Charles Madsen. I am now 59 and went to Old Clee and then Carr Lane school between 1949 and 1954 and then left for Hull. Some of the people I remember are:
    Mary Capp (my first love), Colin Chapman, Anthony Shearer, Simon Milton, Maurice Appleyard and John Smith. I am presently in Houston USA but travel extensively as a Safety Consultant for the Construction Industry. I often (every 5 years) go back to GY but in all these years have as yet not met up with past school friends. submitted 24-10-01
  11. Chris Huxford - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteChrisHuxford.htm
    I went to Welholme and then to Havelock grammar in the 50's. Have lived in various countries in the world, now single and living in my cottage by Lake Erie in Ontario. Chris Huxford submitted 17-06-01
  12. Chris Nelson - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteChrisNelson.htm
    I left Grimsby in 1962 when I was 10. I live in Australia now, but still miss Grimsby and my old pals. submitted 01-05-01
  13. Darren Rose - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteDarrenRose.htm
    Darren Rose born in Grimsby went to numerous schools both in Grimsby, Hereford and Humberston, Humberston Comprehensive, junior and infant school. Moved to Toronto Canada in 1986, if any old school friends read this get in-touch. submitted 11-08-01
  14. David and Nita Sadler - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteDavidNitaSadler.htm
    Currently living in Perth Western Australia, and would love to hear from any ex Grimbarians in W.A. submitted 09-09-01
  15. David Hill - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteDavidHill.htm
    David Hill: Born in Grimsby in 1931, I worked for Eskimo foods, Orwell Street, married Patricia Morgan in 1959.
    Moved to St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada in 1965 - would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. submitted 12-10-01
  16. Debbie Cochrane - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteDebbieCochrane.htm
    Debbie Cochrane went to Havelock school Grimsby 1974 1976, also Maggie Cochrane and Lionel Woodyatt now married to Maggie now living in Hants. Would like to hear from old friends. submitted 31-10-01
  17. Denis Gosling - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgydenisgosling.htm
    I lived at 52 Spring Bank, Grimsby and I would like to get in contact with anyone that went to Armstrong St school Between 1941 and 1946. submitted 22-02-01
  18. Denise Lindsay - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitedl.htm
    Denise Lindsay submitted 23-09-00
  19. Dennis Ansell - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyDennisAnsell.htm
    Dennis Ansell age 57, attended Nunsthorpe infant ~ junior, Chelmsford S.M., Havelock S.M, Class 5M2 Mrs Cooper -1959,
    then Grimsby Tech Coll. Mech. Eng., lived in Gy and Immingham to 1981.
    Married to Susan nee Jewitt. Welholme school. We live in Western Australia.
    Anyone old neighbours, school friends remember us. please drop us an email. submitted 04-10-00
  20. Derek Taylor - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyDerekTaylor.htm
    I was born in Cleethorpes and went to school in Gimsby. Looking for anyone that went to Chelmsford Secondary Modern school form 1960-1965. I now live in California USA. Derek Taylor submitted 21-04-01
  21. Diana Palliser nee Sivil - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgydps.htm
    Diana Palliser (nee Sivil). I attended St Martin's School between 1966 and 1972 and went on to Wintringham School 1972 - 1977 submitted 10-11-00
  22. Dr Rich Picking - Site offline Thanx 4 a link Grimsby
    Born in Grimsby submitted 30-11-99
  23. Gavin Ritchie - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteGavinRitchie.htm
    My name's Gavin Ritchie, formerly of Whitgift School Grimsby, but now residing in Leeds. I would love to hear from anybody who used to go to Whitgift School. Although I've still got family in the area I've no idea what some of my old school friends are up to. Would love to hear from anybody. submitted 08-08-01
  24. Geoffrey M Fells -
    Aloha - I lived in Grimsby from 1936 till 1967 when I moved to Washington DC USA. in 1985 I moved to Honolulu Hawaii where I currently live. I was educated at Nunsthorpe School and then the Technical College on Welholme Road. I was a member of the famous Cleethorpes Formation Dance Team that won many Titles. I worked for a time at T.G. Ticklers on Pasture Street and then was employed by A. Huxfords. submitted 26-02-01
  25. George Chambers - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteGeorgeChambers.htm
    Hi everyone, my name is George Chambers, I lived in Grimsby from 1943 - 1972. I attended Strand Primary then Yarbourgh Road. Went on to the Grimsby Tech. I have lived in New Zealand since 1972 and would love to hear from anyone who knew me. Really interested in what is going on there. submitted 26-04-01
  26. Graham Nurse - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgygn5.htm
    Hi, My name is Graham Nurse born in Grimsby and lived in Grimsby or Cleethorpes until 1970 when my family moved to Perth Western Australia. I went to Western Secondary Boys School and I am interested in getting in touch with anyone who remembers me or my family, or maybe remembers me on my scooter, a Lambretta black and blue. submitted 12-03-01
  27. Ian Smith - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteianstuartsmith.htm
    Does anyone remember me from Macauley Street juniors 53-58 or Wintringham 58-66. Vic Jay, Rob Ranyard, Dave White etc etc ? Now living in Stoke On Trent Ian Smith submitted 20-07-02
  28. Jacky Elsey - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyje3.htm
    I went to Havelock school in 1979. I then moved to Australia. If you remember me, I liked to hear from you. Especially Cathy Gibbs. submitted 05-03-01
  29. Jan Margarson - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyjm.htm
    I would love to hear from school friends, lived on the Ridgeway attended Hereford 3rd form, 72 submitted 26-01-01
  30. Janet Currie - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitejanetcurrie.htm
    I attended, Welholme, then Hereford school and graduated in 1976. I moved to Calgary, Canada in 1985 and I am now a pre-school teacher. I lived on Garner St. It would be nice to hear people who may remember me. submitted 11-02-01
  31. Janette Campbell - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyjc.htm
    I attended Havelock School and graduated in 1975, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. submitted 28-11-00
  32. Jill Butler - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteJill-Patterson.htm
    Jill Butler..nee Patterson, 1975 - 1980 Mathew Humberstone, I would love to hear from anyone who knows me. submitted 12-04-01
  33. John Cotton - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteJohnCotton.htm
    John Cotton-I left Cleethorpes in 1956.My early days until I left at 16 were spent at Glebe Road. I would like to make contact with old friends submitted 02-05-01
  34. John Firth - Site offline Grimsby
    Born in Grimsby submitted 04-08-99
  35. Johnpaul Teanby - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyjpteanby.htm
    I left grimsby about 8 years ago. I went to Grange school then moved on to Hereford, Havelock and College for A levels,
    I would like to get in touch with old friends I'm 28 now. submitted 17-02-01
  36. Julie Harris nee Blyth - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyjh.htm
    Julie Harris (nee Blyth) left Cleethorpes in 1976 to South Africa. Interested to hear from anybody who went to Mathew Humberstone and remembers me. submitted 07-11-00
  37. Kevin Smith - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteKevinSmith.htm
    Relatives, descendants and friends of Mathew and Alice (Clark) Smith of Buller Street, and Walter and Gertrude (Evardson) McCall of Hainton Avenue, please contact their grandson Kevin. submitted 31-08-01
  38. Les Hutchinson - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteLesHutchinson.htm
    I am looking for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mrs E.Dixon who used to live at 316 Hainton Ave in Grimsby or even any relatives. I am her nephew and wish to make contact with her if possible, I have been looking for my relatives for close on 44 years any help would be appreciated. submitted 19-09-01
  39. Les Johnson - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteLes-Johnson.htm
    Born GY in the dark ages; remember early life 'ower the Marsh' , last Grimsby school Nunsthorpe. Trawling Iceland from 1944, served in Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy, settled in Western Australia 1956. suffering bouts of nostalgia . Would welcome a hello from anyone who remembers. submitted 07-02-02
  40. Leslie Baker - Site offline Thanx 4 a link Grimsby
    Leslie Baker, Wanting to keep in touch with old friends in and around Grimsby submitted 27-04-99
  41. Liza Olesen - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteLizaOlesen.htm
    Liza Olesen , I used to go to Wybers Wood junior school, I left grimsby back in 1986, Im looking for Dawn Pilsworth and other people who may remember me. submitted 18-08-01
  42. Louise Holmes - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgylh1.htm
    I went to Wintringham School from 1991 -1996 and I would love to here from anyone who knows, or remembers me. submitted 29-11-00
  43. Marian Bentley nee Bunch - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteMarianBentley.htm
    I lived in Nunsthorpe, Grimsby from 1947 and went to Nunsthorpe School and Grimsby Wintringham Girls' Grammar. Worked on Grimsby Fish Docks for H. Mudd and Sons, then Grimsby General Hospital and Grimsby College of Technology. Married in 1970 and went to live In London / Watford. Now living in the West Midlands ( Wolverhampton ) since 1989. Surname before marriage was Bunch. No ties in Grimsby now as parents and relatives all dead. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me. submitted 26-09-01
  44. Mark Cook - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgymc6.htm
    Father- John Cook born in Grimsby 1938 moved to Taunton 1969, looking for family history names of Evans, Young, Loft WW Loft was mayor of Grimsby and also won grand national in 1845 submitted 15-03-01
  45. Mark Irvine - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteMarkIrvine.htm
    I was born in Grimsby in 1969, attended St.James and Havelock school until 1986 and left in 1994 to live in Holland, drop me a line if you went to school or worked with me. I am also looking for 'A.M.Noton (nurse) submitted 08-07-01
  46. Martyn and Lucy Kenneth - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteMartyn-Lucy-Kenneth.htm
    I was born in Grimsby in 1946 and went to Carr Lane and Old Clee Schools from 1950 to 1956. I then attended Havelock Grammar School until 1961. I worked for various engineering companies on Grimsby Fish Docks before leaving for Australia in 1974. If anyone still remembers me please send me an email, I would be very interested to hear from anyone. submitted 15-08-02
  47. Mary Ann McKenna-Anderson - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgygt3.htm
    Trying to find George Thornton, retired from Mother's Pride Bakery, married no children. Mother was Blanche Thornton, aka Blanche Alderson, aka Blanche McKenna. I am the daughter of Kenneth McKenna and Blanche Thornton, divorced. I am a half sister to George Thornton. I live in Canada. submitted 18-09-00
  48. Mary Chalton - Site offline Thanx 4 a link Grimsby
    Art and Craft site from an ex local submitted 25-12-99
  49. Matt Westcott - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteMattWestcott.htm
    Matt Westcott - Now living in Bermuda. Born a Meggies lad and lived in Humberston, Holton-le-Clay, Grimsby and Cleethorpes. After that spent time in that horrible place down the road where the steelworks are ~ where and then moved to the North East and Darlington before emigrating in August to Bermuda where I work as a sports reporter on the Royal Gazette newspaper. Still keep in touch with the Mighty Mariners. Also work here with Jon Kent, ex of De Aston Comprehensive and Tim Greenfield of Louth. All three of us worked for the Grimsby Evening submitted 23-11-00
  50. Maureen Riley - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgymr3.htm
    Hi: My name was Maureen Riley. Attended St. Francis Xavier's Convent School in Grimsby. Lived in Cragston Avenue. Married Ian Thompson in 1966 and moved to Manitoba Canada in 1974. Would love to hear from anyone that knows either myself or Ian. submitted 14-03-01
  51. Mike Wakefield - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgymw.htm
    I left Grimsby 8 years ago. If anyone remembers me from Whitgift or from Grimsby in general then mail me.. submitted 14-05-00
  52. MYRTER family page - Grimsby linc2u.comgenealogygfp_sitejd1.htm
    Hoping to hear from my family living in England, My ancestors: DEGNAN...DUCKETT...MEARES....CASHIN....WHITE....WHITEMAN submitted 10-01-01
  53. Norma Palmer - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteNorma-Shingles.htm
    Norma Palmer nee Shingles. Went to Reynolds Street School in the 50's - Hope to contact a friend called June Webster - do not know her married name. Works in a bank in Grimsby. I moved to Australia in the 60's and would love to make contact with her again just to say hello. submitted 12-04-01
  54. Oliver Smith - Grimsby
    Served my sentence at Welholme and Hereford schools, and finally left in 1993 aged 21 to work for a company trying to introduce the Internet to the country, on the off chance it might catch on. All those years of being the perfect geek paid off, I hear they even have the Net in old Grimsby these days... :) submitted 22-05-01
  55. Pam Smith - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyps3.htm
    I left Cleethorpes in 1988 and moved down south. I was at Matthew Humberstone school and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. My name is Pam Smith, and if Sandra Osbourne, Chris Vicars or Julie Dent is reading this please get in touch. submitted 03-03-01
  56. Patrica Legard - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitePatricaLegard.htm
    Patrica Legard, searching for Sandra Rushton of Welholme School 1960 submitted 08-07-01
  57. Patricia Drew - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyPatriciaDrew.htm
    Patricia (Pat) Drew formerly Cockings. Born 1943 in Grimsby - attended Welholme Infants and Junior then Technical Secondary Eleanor Street. Still visit Grimsby from time to time as my mother still lives there. Anyone out there who knows me? submitted 17-06-01
  58. Patrick Bentley - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitePatrickBentley.htm
    Patrick Bentley I lived in Grimsby from 1967-1970 when I attended Grimsby College of Technology. I married Marian Bunch from Grimsby in 1970, I Would like to hear from anybody I met during my stay particularly ex students on the HND Business Studies course. see photo submitted 27-09-01
  59. Paul Kennington - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitePaulKennington.htm
    Paul Kennington, left school (Wintringham GS), and Grimsby, in 1972, and gradually lost contact with all old friends over the next half dozen years. It might be nice to make contact again. submitted 05-05-01
  60. Rachelle Marie Wright - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteRachelleMarieWright.htm
    Rachelle Marie Wright, I lived in Grimsby Cleethorpes from 1981 to 1990 ish . I went to Old Clee School. I'm looking for my friends Dawn Louise Trayer. Helen Cherrel and Helen Waddington . I lived with my Grandparents Nevil Wright who was the minister of the local Methodist Church and my Grandma Silvia Wright. I'd love to hear from any one who knew me or my Grandparents. submitted 16-07-01
  61. Ray Smith - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteRaySmith.htm
    I went to Waltham Toll Bar School 1977-1981. lost touch with so many old friends. would love to hear from anyone. submitted 04-09-01
  62. Richard Goodhand - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgy-richard.goodhand.htm
    Goodhand, Richard, now aged 50, lived in Grimsby until 1983, now lives in Mansfield. St Martin's School and Havelock 1962-1968. Involved in Scouting, and a local Football Referee. Would love to renew any contacts, particularly from Havelock school. submitted 25-05-01
  63. Rick and Carol Shaw - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgy-Rick-Shaw.htm
    Hi Our name is Carol and Rich Shaw from Brisbane Australia and we would love anyone who knew us to get in touch, I went to Havelock and Rich went to Beacon Hill, Rich is an electrician who worked for Cherry Valley and Fleetway and I worked for Mick Mcgarry both in Nunsthorpe and Heneage, we miss Grimsby a bit and often visit my mam Gladys Drinkell, submitted 16-04-01
  64. Roger and Linda Howard - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteRoger-Linda-Howard.htm
    Roger & Linda Howard nee Sleight would love to hear from old friends. Roger went to Grimsby Tech and Linda went to North Clee Secondary School, now living in Sydney, Australia. submitted 14-02-02
  65. Ronald Sibson - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteRonald-Sibson.htm
    Ron Sibson, lived in Cleethorpes in the 60s . Would like to contact my daughter who was Carol Diane Sibson when i last saw her. submitted 12-04-01
  66. Sarah Hutchinson - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyshk.htm
    Sarah Hutchinson (now Kerska) moved to Wisconsin USA formerly from Holton-Le-Clay attended Waltham Toll-Bar school would love to hear form anyone who remembers me. submitted 17-12-00
  67. Sheila Bensley - Site offline http:www3.sympatico.cafhowarth
    Born in Cleethorpes, I grew up near Bradley X Roads and attended Western School until the early sixties. My brothers were the late Roy, and Kenneth, who now lives in Derby.
    I have been living in Toronto Canada since the late eighties. I was a nurse at Grimsby Maternity and Grimsby District Hospital, and lived on Cromwell Road Grimsby before leaving the UK Sheila Howarth. submitted 17-01-01
  68. Steve O'Hare - linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgysoh.htm
    submitted 23-01-01
  69. Steve Welsh - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgySteveWelsh.htm
    I was born in Grimsby in 1953 and attended both Nunsthorpe and Grimsby Technical Schools, leaving in 1969. I would love to hear from anybody still in the Grimsby area who remembers me from the past. submitted 11-04-01
  70. Steven Watt - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyStevenWatt.htm
    I was born in Grimsby, and spent most of my young life in childrens home's. I would like to hear from anyone who was in a childrens home, from 1967 to 1974. I would like to find a very good freind called Peter Gould, Diane Burns, or sister Susan. Please contact me. submitted 17-06-01
  71. Terry Sharp - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyts.htm
    I am originally from Gy. I left in 1972 for New Zealand. I am interested what is going on in Gy. submitted 19-05-99
  72. Terry Wiseman - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteTerryWiseman.htm
    Terry Wiseman born Carr Lane, Cleethorpes 1947. Attended Queen Mary Avenue infants, Barcroft St. and Elliston Secondary Modern. Spent a year at Grimsby Tech college then worked at various places until coming to Perth Western Australia in 1971. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me or anyone from Gy or Cleethorpes to discuss old times. submitted 09-09-01
  73. Tina Steele - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteTinaSteele.htm
    My name is Tina Fisher formally Steele, live in Waltham now and would really like to here from friends who went to whitgift school between 1983 - 86. can get in touch at e-mail address thanks submitted 11-07-01
  74. Tony Gilby - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyTonyGilby.htm
    I was born in 1951 and went to St Johns School in Hamilton St before going on to Grimsby Technical School and leaving in 1970. Left Grimsby in 1986. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me . submitted 21-06-01
  75. Tony Sanders - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyts1.htm
    Looking for old friends from Grimsby submitted 02-06-00
  76. Vicky Allenby - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_sitexgyVickyAllenby.htm
    My name is Vicky Allenby. I attended Waltham Toll Bar School between 1986 and 1991. submitted 12-06-01
  77. Wilson Chan - Grimsby linc2u.comgrimsbygfp_siteWilsonChan.htm
    Just would like to contact some people to find out what they are doing for themselves, I went to south parade (<90), hereford (90-95) and then franklin (95-97). Here are the people who I'm curious about: Graham Hill - south parade Scott Howie - business studies, hereford Chris Marsh - I know you are somewhere! Lee Smith - I was in your tutor group Alex Bell - south parade, I never managed to get u in kiss catch Andrew Clyburn - south parade Carla Hutchinson - South parade, I bet you are fit now Mrs. Gronow - south parade '86, you was my best ever teacher Mrs. Sandford - south parade '85, I had a crush on you Caroline Chapman submitted 18-07-01

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